Best Crypto Presales To Invest in Now (2023)

These are the crypto presale projects luring investors to put money into them in hopes of better future returns.
By Coingape Staff coingape-authors
Updated September 7, 2023

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Best Crypto Presales


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Project NameIndustryStart DateEnd DateAvailabilityRating

Shiba Memu

Shiba Memu Read More

MarketingJuly 2023TBAOngoing 4Visit


ChancerRead More

GamingJuly 2023TBAOngoing 3.5Visit



Cryptocurrency21 August 202301 October 2023


WuutradeRead More

TradingMay 2023TBAOngoing 4Visit


Yotta Read More

Software01 June 202301 September 2023Ongoing 3Visit


ScapesMania Read More

Gaming May 2023TBAOngoing 3Visit


Wall Street MemesRead More

OthersMay 202327 September 2023Ongoing 2Visit

coinbase prime

SonikRead More

NA15 September 2023TBAOngoing3.8Visit

coinbase prime

Uwerx NetworkRead More

Freelancing platformJune 2023TBAOngoing3Visit


Ypredict Read More

Trading and Investing February 2023TBAOngoing 4Visit

Marinade Finance

ChimpzRead More

Ecology April 2023TBAOngoing 3.5Visit


Thug LifeRead More

Others June 202331 July 2023Ended 2Visit

EcoterraRead More

Ecology March 202330 June 2023Ended4.5Visit

Stader Labs

Deelance Read More

NFT marketplace March 202315 July 2023Ended 4Visit


Mooky Read More

Others March 202331 July 2023Ended 2Visit

In recent times, crypto presales have seen a rise in popularity–mainly because investors can now add crypto assets to their portfolios at reduced prices. When initial investment costs are low, it can exponentially increase the opportunity for future profits, making presales an exciting field for those who want to get into crypto for the first time without spending too much. 

But with so many great offers available, which is the right choice for you? CoinGape has done all the research to find and present you with the best upcoming crypto presales and key aspects you should know when considering crypto presales. But first, let’s ask that all-important question:

So What Does Crypto Presale Actually Mean?

A crypto presale is a practice where developers make assets available to buyers before the tokens or coins become available to the general public. This method is commonly used by cryptocurrency projects in order to raise funds before their official launch date.

Shiba Memu

The project is a combination of AI and blockchain. It has everything that a marketing firm needs. It is like a robot working 24*7 for you. It searches for the interests of the target audience and accordingly designs advertisements. 

It is a revolutionary project in memecoin. The coin adheres to marketing techniques powered by AI. It is anticipated to be the most relevant projects of its time. The bot will coherently write its own PR, marketing strategies, and promote projects on social networks.

Presale Started July 04, 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, and BSC
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment  $30 USDT


Chancer introduces the world's first decentralized predictive markets app, aiming to transform the conventional betting industry. 

Bringing a refreshing twist to a usually one-sided field, Chancer opens the door to peer-to-peer (P2P) betting, creating a friendly atmosphere for transparent and fair wagers among users. On this platform, you can place bets on exciting global events like the FIFA World Cup, as well as casual challenges between friends – think swimming races or even predicting the outcomes of televised singing shows. The possibilities are endless!

Chancer, with its native token (CHANCER) makes it a breeze to create fun-filled bets and inspires others to join in on the excitement. You’re in control – set the terms of the bet and share it on your social platforms, igniting a chain reaction of viral bets that gather steam as more people jump in.

Presale Started Jun 13, 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BUSD, and BNB
Minimum Investment No information


BTCX crypto token is an ERC-20 upgraded version of the original Bitcoin. It is the perfect blend of Bitcoin’s financial concepts and Ethereum’s blockchain technology. Since it is an advanced version of Bitcoin, it is eco-friendly, and supports staking, and also has a hyper-deflationary burning algorithm.

The BTCX crypto presale is trending right now in the market. In the first two days of the presale itself, the project raised more than $10,000. The first round of the presale has a hard cap of $1,487,000. Out of the 21 million total supply of $BTCX tokens, only 25% of the supply is available in the presale. The current sale price of BTCX is $0.85 and so far more than 48,000 tokens were sold. Investors must act as the $BTCX token has the potential of bringing a 20x return.

Presale Started 21 August 2023
Purchase Methods Ethereum, BNB, USDT
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment  None



WuuTrade is a trading stimulator that is seamless and comes with unique features. The ecosystem of the app includes gamification, education, trading, and investment. The platform is completely free and uses AI to estimate better outcomes. It will have its own reward system that will give users badges and points for performance. It has an entire investment suggestion box for traders that is backed up by AI. 

Wuutrader AI will give periodic hints to the traders for improving trading statistics. It has an education system set up for the traders to learn more about efficient trading. 

Presale Started May 15, 2023
Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, USD, and BNB
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment NA



Yotta is launched with a noble mission of saving earth. It is fully committed to the community serving through various markets such as Yotta crm, Yotta flea market, and Yotta property management. It aims to establish as a payment solution similar to ERC-20 and generate royalty value. Yotta can be used as an investment vehicle or as a cash substitute for purchases of goods and services. Soon, It will be sold on a variety of markets and exchange platforms.

Presale Started June 1, 2023
Purchase Methods USDT, and ETH
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment $25


The project aims to capture Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 users. It has casual games for both domain fans. Web 3.0 users will get the opportunity to understand the development, monitor benefits, and play the massively profitable game, while Web 2.0 users will get access to the casual gaming. 

Scapemania is a blessing for the suffering play to earn market as it mainly focuses on helping players reap benefits. It will reach the mass audience of Web 2.0 users by offering captivating gameplay and immersive UI and UX. 

Presale Started May 23, 2023
Purchase Methods USDT
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain
Minimum Investment NA


Wall Street Memes

Wall Street Memes was born as a movement against Wall Street’s monopoly over the financial markets. In the world of crypto, this is easily one of the biggest and most socially active communities. The $WSM token was created to give the movement’s supporters more legitimacy.

There’s a maximum of two billion tokens available, and one $WSM equals $0.0316. Incredibly, the first day of the presale raked in $300,000, and to date, USDT raised stands at $14,503,644.75 (target: $15,441,744.63).

Presale Started 26 May 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BNB, bank card
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment 100 $WSM



Another hilarious meme coin is in the block after the Pepe coin. Sonik identifies itself as a hedgehog that is lightning fast. The coin has collected $150,000 within 48 hours of its launch. The presale is live until September 15, 2023.

The coin has taken up 50% of the 299,792,458,000 total supply. The way this presale has begun, it looks like things will wrap up pretty soon. Sonik coin plans introduce an innovative staking system, unlike the ideal meme coin pump and dump technique, to reward the community. 

Presale Started September 15, 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, and USDT
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment 1 SONIK


yPredict is the way to go if you’re tired of trading against crypto AI trading bots. This cryptocurrency levels the playing field for institutional and retail traders by providing the best AI-powered predictive analysis signals and tools, a trading marketplace, and analytics. These features are available on a monthly subscription that is purchased with the native cryptocurrency $YPRED.

There is a total supply of 100 million tokens, and one $YPRED costs $0.09. yPredict is currently in Stage Six of its presale, and thus far, the project has raised $2,943,829.38. That’s very close to its presale fundraising goal of $2,982,551.25.

Presale Started 13 February 2023
Purchase Methods USDT, ETH, MATIC, BNB
Block Chain POLYGON
Minimum Investment 25 $YPRED

Uwerx Network

Uweks has the unique objective of transforming the world of freelancing with cryptocurrency. The project provides the first ecosystem where freelancers and businesses can enjoy more value, lower fees, and earn extra tokens and opportunities by participating on the platform. 

There’s a cap of 100 billion Werx tokens available, and Uwerx presale surges have proved so popular that more than half (57 percent) have already been sold. 

Presale Started Q3 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BNB
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment $20


Chimpzee offers a unique ecosystem with three passive income streams; shop-to-earn, play-to-earn, and trade-to-earn. This system is designed to incentivize investors to join the fight against deforestation and climate change and help animals. This real-world utility and high market relevance in wildlife conservation make Chimpzee one of the most promising cryptocurrencies on this crypto presale list. 

One CHMPZ costs $0.0007, and there are no fees, buying tax, or selling tax involved. To date, investors have purchased 1,447,500,811 CHMPZ, meaning that the project has already garnered $837,344 (target: $1,144,500).

Presale Started April 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, credit card
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment $25


Thug Life

The popularity of meme coins has soared of late, and newcomer Thug Life is no different. Advertised as the “baller’s meme coin,” it’s a movement for those who like humor and hustling in the crypto game. The platform’s theme blends street smarts, rap culture, and turning past crypto losses into future wins. 

But $THUG is also a serious endeavor. Simply put, here’s Thug Life, the fastest-growing, secure investment for newcomers that has already garnered $1,353,844 of its $2,058,000 presale target. This response makes some experts believe that Thug Life could be the next 100x meme coin. One $THUG costs $0.0007.

Presale Started 28 June 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment None


As the name suggests, Ecoterra is a presale cryptocurrency that aims to use blockchain technology to fight climate change. The project offers free crypto, $ECOTERRA, as an incentive to recycle. What makes this one of the best crypto presale options is the fact that there’s demand for $ECOTERRA outside of buying it to earn even more tokens and because companies are allowed to use the coin to purchase carbon credits.

1 $ECOTERRA equals $0.0055. When the presale launched, half of the total supply of 2 billion tokens became available, and the response from buyers was very positive. Over $1.3 million has already been invested.

Presale Started 29 March 2023
Purchase Methods Scan recyclable products to earn free tokens
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment None



DeeLance is another project that aims to unite freelancers and recruiters, leveraging blockchain technology to provide more security, transparency, and profits than traditional freelancing platforms. $DLANCE tokens can be used in NFT marketplace transactions, as payment for freelancers, and to hire things in the metaverse such as portfolio galleries, virtual offices, meeting rooms, advertising options, and leasing virtual land. 

One $DLANCE costs about $0.043 USDT. Thus far, the total USDT raised stands at $1,524,905.533 (target: $2,300,000). The entire supply of $DLANCE tokens is also limited to 1 billion.

Presale Started 30 March 2023
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, BNB, Fiat
Blockchain Ethereum
Minimum Investment None



As one of the most intriguing options on our presale crypto list, MOOKY is a revolutionary meme token that is taking the crypto world by storm. This cryptocurrency focuses strongly on planting trees to replenish the environment. It’s also community-owned and governed, where token holders can vote on how things are run.

One MOOK costs $0.0000051. The token’s low price is not the only reason why it’s so popular; they also have zero tax and low slippage. Mooky’s presale is entering its final stages, and with 70 percent of its total 500 billion tokens already sold, the project has raised over $900,000 (target: $1,020,500)

Presale Started March 2023
Purchase Methods USDT, ETH or BNB
Blockchain Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
Minimum Investment $15


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where to buy crypto presale ?

An investor must visit a launchpad program or the project’s official website to buy crypto. A little due diligence is required on the buyer’s behalf to find out which one applies to the cryptocurrency they are interested in. However, most crypto presales happen directly on the new coin or token’s home website, so check there first.

2. How to buy crypto presale ?

The first step is to register an account with your chosen cryptocurrency project. Follow the suggested steps to complete the registration and to connect a wallet like MetaMask or other purchase channels. New tokens or coins can be bought by selecting the amount you want and then choosing a payment option. The latter can include a credit card or cryptocurrencies such as ETH, USDC, BUSD, USDT, BNB, Polygon Matic, and more.

3. How does crypto presale work ?

When a new cryptocurrency is still in development and needs capital, the project often makes a percentage of its total tokens available for presale to raise funds. Once a presale starts, the price of the tokens is reduced as an incentive for investors to buy them before they appear on cryptocurrency exchanges.

4. What is the minimum amount you can pre-order crypto?

This depends on the cryptocurrency. Some projects have no minimum investment amount; others might start at $15 or $20. Besides a minimum investment fee, you might also be required to add an amount to your account to pay for gas fees before any transactions can be initiated. Gas fees will vary based on the fee structure of different cryptocurrencies.

5. How to presale a crypto ?

A fundamental step is to create a professional and informative website that appeals to your target audience. Bring awareness to your pre-sale by participating in key conferences and trade shows. Create your own community and establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. Also, be transparent about the cryptocurrency’s underlying technologies, blockchain, digital agreements, your project’s roadmap, and your team. Finally, ensure you understand the crypto ecosystem's legal implications to protect yourself from legal action.

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