Google Unveils New Ads Policy For NFT Games

Google announces a policy update allowing ads for NFT games and providing a clear framework for advertisers to follow
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Google NFT ads

Recently, Google announced a policy update for the advertisement of blockchain-based games involving NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). The updated policy takes effect from September 15, 2023. The new policy is bound to impact the promotion of NFT games and possibly encourage the development of new NFT games. The updated policy will enable markets to global promote NFT games, which was previously limited due to Ad policies.

The Scope of the Policy Update

Google knows the potential of blockchain gaming and the popularity of NFT games. The unique ability to represent ownership and authenticity of digital assets offered by NFTs is a driving factor for NFT adoption in mainstream gaming.


According to the policy update, advertisements for NFT games that do not promote gambling-related content will be allowed. However, advertisers must meet specific requirements and get the necessary certification from Google.

To run ads that promote gambling-related content integrating NFTs, advertisers will need to get certifications that comply with Google’s Gambling and games policy. The added measure aligns with Google’s commitment to responsible advertising and ensuring that users are not exposed to potentially harmful content.

The update allowing the ads marks an important step in the growing support for NFT games. Google also outlined a fair suspension system where a warning is issued at least seven days’ notice, allowing advertisers to rectify any issues. The ad account will be suspended after the completion of the warning period.

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The Outlook For NFT Gaming

Google’s updated policy on advertising blockchain-based games involving NFTs is a positive step forward for the crypto and NFT community. It provides a clear framework for developers and advertisers to follow, fostering a safer environment for NFT-based gaming.

As the crypto industry evolves, major tech companies like Google must adapt their policies to reflect the changing landscape. With the positive outlook by tech giants, we expect to see more players enter the NFT gaming industry.

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