Top Crypto Marketing Firms / Agencies 2023; Here’s Best Picks [Updated]

By Casper Brown
Updated August 20, 2023

Gone are the days when launching a crypto company meant you faced virtually no competition in the market. The past few years have seen the demand for cryptocurrencies skyrocket and crypto companies are popping up all around us.

Due to cutthroat competition, marketing has become one of the most important aspects of making a crypto project successful. A crypto marketing agency specializes in driving traffic, creating a trustworthy brand image, and making a crypto project visible. 


What is Crypto or Web 3 marketing agency? 

Can we envisage a scenario wherein blockchain based loyalty programs are surfacing to the fore in the mainstream and not just limited to crypto and blockchain enthusiasts? 

With  Web 3/Crypto marketing agencies customers can be rewarded in digital tokens and cryptocurrencies in exchange for their unalloyed engagement towards a brand or branding campaign. One would have simply defined the users what Web 3 marketing agencies are, but in a scenario as complex as Web 3, giving a glimpse of what Web 3 or crypto marketing agencies have pivoted is the matter of context. 

As a result, they can assist you in staying on top positions with internet marketing trends and staying one step ahead of the competition.Utilizing this cutting-edge technology, Web3 marketing firms may foster creativity and innovation. They can assist you in developing novel and distinctive strategies for marketing your company and utilizing blockchain technology to increase sales. A Web3 marketing firm may be the best option for you if you need assistance growing your company. 

This article will help you discover the top crypto marketing agencies in 2023. You will find out what makes these companies stand out and how they can propel your crypto project to the stratosphere and beyond.  


19 Best Crypto Marketing Agencies

NinjaPromo is the one of the leading crypto and NFT marketing agency  utilizes sophisticated techniques and cutting-edge technologies in the crypto marketing space. The team at NinjaPromo is highly skilled and passionate about its craft, and they are recognized as the top crypto marketing agency. They offer personalized solutions and convenient packages to make the selection process for their clients quick and easy.

Navigating the vast and complex world of blockchain and cryptocurrency can be challenging, especially for those new to the industry. NinjaPromo serves as a full-scale digital marketing agency for blockchain projects and startups, using a combination of traditional and advanced promotion strategies to drive sustained growth. The team at NinjaPromo is well-versed in the principles and best practices of the industry, and they specialize in helping B2B companies, blockchain companies, FinTech companies, software vendors, and global projects and startups with their promotion efforts. In the highly competitive and volatile crypto market, advertising support is essential for success. 

NinjaPromo’s list of crypto marketing services includes blockchain marketing, social media management, SEO, NFT marketing, paid social advertising, influencer relations, email marketing, Crypto PR Services, video production, web design and development, branding, rebranding, and more. 

In the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, OMNI Digital Marketing Agency has established itself as a force of disruption. OMNI does not just recognize a project’s potential — they fuel it, elevate it, and direct it towards unprecedented achievement. That is why they have become the pit crew behind the rocket ships of the Web3 world, and that too in just a few years!

OMNI’s methodology is a distinctive blend of strategy and insight. By zeroing in on your ambitious objectives and reverse-engineering them, they create bespoke strategic plans that are bold, precise, and meticulously tested for maximum ROI. The progress of the crypto world rests on the shoulders of its communities. OMNI understands this implicitly and integrates cutting-edge community building practices into their framework of services. Through comprehensive social media management and fostering genuine engagement, OMNI ensures that their clients aren’t just building a community but also nurturing an ecosystem of brand advocates. What’s more, is that OMNI’s Paid Ads Management service employs complex social media traffic funnels to drive growth and engagement. Using innovative techniques alongside proven marketing tactics, they ensure a stellar boost in the visibility and interest for your blockchain project.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, OMNI’s strategic approach and dedicated team stand in a league of their own. They are not only reshaping the possibilities within the decentralized world but also solidifying their clients’ position within it. So if your ambition is to dominate the Web3 universe, OMNI Digital Marketing Agency could be your most powerful ally.

Market Across is one of the leading blockchain PR & marketing firms in the world, providing premium content marketing solutions for startups and cryptocurrencies. The company provides a comprehensive end-to-end marketing solution for blockchain firms and guarantees results by using blockchain storytelling to execute success-based full-stack marketing and growth campaigns.

The company follows a full-scale blockchain content marketing strategy. This means it develops a dedicated budget for your company, strategizes a plan to create, distribute, and intensify the content through the suitable streams, and designs a custom-tailored solution that works for your business.

From Content creation to content placement & content amplification – Market Across is the ultimate destination for content marketing. The PR firm specializes in PR, content marketing, brand reputation, social promotions, influencer outreach (KoL), SEO, and community growth. The company works with Journalists from top-tier publications, influential bloggers, webmasters, and editors of small blogs. The company helps its clients to rise above the noise and be in limelight via pitching, ghostwriting, content amplification platforms, press releases, Op-Eds, videos, and interviews. Powered by data and impactful storytelling, the PR company guarantees top-quality content. MarketAcross has helped many of the industry’s leading exchanges as well as blockchain projects, including Solana, Binance, Polkadot, Polygon,, Huobi, and eToro, establish their brands among cryptocurrency and blockchain audiences.  

FINPR is one of the most renowned Dubai-based global PR & marketing agencies that primarily works with blockchain and fintech startups. 

Starting 2017, the company has done publications for 200+ clients. The company has helped more than 40 DeFi firms, including Klaytn, Dego Finance, Polkadex, etc., to promote their ideas and vision through its effective PR strategy. The company has well-known YouTube and Twitter influencers who can help promote your brand in the crypto space. The business is also involved in community management in Telegram groups.

Since FINPR is among one of the PR & Crypto Marketing agencies from Dubai and has knowledge about the local crypto market well, it provides local crypto firms with a range of services – from PR in local crypto and business media to community management.

FINPR can help you with marketing activities in countries including South Korea, China, Malaysia, and Thailand since it has local strategic partners in these regions. These countries have a strong presence in the global blockchain market; thus, FINPR can be of great help if you are thinking of expanding your crypto business in these countries. The company has tight connections and links in leading exchanges like CoinMarketCap and Coingecko and can help list you on these exchanges quickly. 

FINPR provides more than 170+ media options (reviews, integrations, AMAs) from over 110 YouTube crypto influencers having a track record of efficiency and good ROI (Return on Investment). The company is an ideal place for crypto startups looking to grow traffic and brand recognition.  


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Another crypto marketing firm that is empowering ambitious businesses encompassing five continents, Luna PR is a full-stack digital marketing agency passionate about blockchain technology and intending to be pioneers in driving mass adoption. The award-winning web3 specialist marketing and PR agency works with small and large global projects to help them go to market with our customized strategies.

The company’s core focus areas include GameFi, DeFi, Web 3.0, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse, Blockchain, and influential individuals. The company is a quick adapter of the latest technological developments and supports companies of all sizes in the industry. With a rich experience of 6+ years, the company has served over 600 clients. With its powerful marketing techniques, robust branding, and firm grip over PR and advisory services, Luna has helped brands launch, expand, and re-image themselves. The marketing firm helps companies organically grow their brand reputation and awareness.

 Luna PR is headquartered in Dubai. Recently, Luna PR won the first-ever prestigious title, ‘Web3 Consulting Firm of the Year,’ at the Leaders in Fintech 2022 Awards.

EmergenceMedia.Agency is a leading crypto marketing agency that offers a comprehensive range of services to elevate blockchain projects to new heights. With over 6 years of experience, the agency’s talented team has successfully collaborated with over 75 prominent crypto projects, including Bybit, Okex, Kucoin, Betfury, Amber, and many others.
Specializing in PR distribution, influencer marketing, editorial services, ad campaign management, interviews, AMAs, Twitter Spaces, and more. EmergenceMedia leverages its industry expertise to craft tailored strategies that captivate and engage the target audience. With an in-depth understanding of the crypto landscape, the agency creates compelling narratives that amplify brand visibility across various channels.

EmergenceMedia’s vast network of influencers and media outlets ensures maximum exposure for clients’ projects, helping them establish a prominent presence in the highly competitive market. By partnering with EmergenceMedia, crypto ventures can unlock their full potential and embark on a remarkable marketing journey.

For more information and to start an exceptional marketing campaign, please visit the agency’s website.

Founded in the year 2018, InCryptoland ( Crypto Marketing firm ) agency facilitates DeFi and Web3 companies to develop and execute marketing, communications, as well as growth strategies.

InCryptoland provides full-stack services that can be integrated at any stage of the business whenever you want to launch a new narrow-focused project or introduce an established crypto company to the public. The firm’s clients list includes the name of Yield App, The Sandbox, Polygon,, etc. The company has expertise in marketing strategy, community growth, PR and content, KOLs and influencers, media buy and sponsorships, and celebrity & sports marketing.

InCryptoland Marketing & Communications enables crypto startups along with established brands to create the Go-To-Market Strategy, Content Marketing with SEO, Media Buy, and Public Relations.   

We believe that CryptoPR is the absolute best cryptocurrency marketing agency in 2022. Based in London, CryptoPR has been in operation for just over two years, but in this time the firm has handled top crypto projectsuch as Lucky Block and has grown to employ well over a hundred employees.

After CryptoPR took over the marketing of Lucky Block, the blockchain-based gaming platform became the fastest ever to hit over 1 billion in market cap. But it’s not just Lucky Block that has CryptoPR to thank for its awesome marketing services, companies like eToro,, and Binance are also clients of CryptoPR.

CryptoPR spreads the word about a crypto project by doing press releases, NFT Collections promotions, Banner Ads Campaigns, and advertorials. Its fast turnaround times and guaranteed placements mean that CryptoPR is one of the best blockchain marketing agencies of 2022 and for the upcoming year 2023.

The Bucharest-based company is one of the best crypto marketing agencies in the world. Founded in 2020, CryptoVirally employs unique skills to ensure your crypto projects are well-exposed to the world. The company combines the best business strategies to make marketing a fulfilling experience. The crypto marketing agency has convenient services and an experienced team that expands crypto project functionality from press releases to curating the best website copies. The services provided by this crypto marketing firm or crypto agency boost the social media presence of the projects through social media marketing steps and can help bring traffic to your crypto websites. Other services offered by the company include Ask me anything (AMA) sessions, creating extensive project awareness, web design functions, and coming up and airing project content. Crypto Virally can also be trusted from a security point of view as it assures transparency, data security, and confidentiality while conducting marketing campaigns.

The company claims that its premium marketing services can enable crypto projects to over-achieve their potential, scale traffic, increase their ROI, and increase crypto project awareness. The services provided by the company include Digital Billboards & Out-Of-Home advertising, NFT promotion, press releases, media reach, crypto community management, crypto YouTube and influencer marketing, etc. 

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to bring eyeballs to your crypto project and no other cryptocurrency marketing agency does influencer marketing better than Coinbound.

Coinbound specializes in making crypto brands go viral and they do so because they have a vast network of influencers on all leading platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.

Many of the Coinbounds clients saw a follower growth of more than 400% after they made Coinbound handle their Twitter accounts. This kind of aggressive virality on social media is what makes Coinbound special.

Coinbound also offers PR services to its clients and helps deliver coverage for them through its contacts at major publishing houses.

Web3 is the next big thing and Coinbound helps its clients with SEO tailored specifically for web3. It also offers discord services.

TokenMinds is a well-known blockchain marketing agency. It works with numerous firms within the crypto sector. The firm focuses on the areas of PR marketing, blockchain marketing, and community marketing. Additionally, TokenMinds offers blockchain development services, token sale management, WP creation, token development, project marketing, Initial Exchange Offering, and token listing. Thus far, they have helped to launch 38 Initial Exchange Offerings during which they raised $75 million from 220,000 investors. The company was voted the leading IEO marketing firm in 2019.

TokenMinds has achieved a lot in the crypto sector, and it has won several awards. It was founded in 2016, which means it is one of the oldest crypto marketing agencies in the world. During that time, the company has worked with several firms to market its projects. They include Remme, Essentia, and Celsius.

This network includes more than 1500 influencers across platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn, and Telegram. flagship service is PPC marketing. As a data-driven agency, our work is to concentrate on the KPIs of the clients.

Blockchainmarketing is a new sheriff in the crypto marketing world that helps fintech projects market their business online. From social media management to influencer outreach, this platform helps you to stand out in today’s crowded market. 

Led by a team of experienced marketers, the crypto marketing agency offers services like Contextual Advertising, Design & Web Development, Email Marketing, Programmatic Buying, Social Media Marketing, PR & Influence Marketing, End-to-End Analytics, and SEO. The marketing firm adjusts the strategy to maximize performance, regardless of the metric.

Kaikoku ( Crypto Marketing Firm) helps international firms to localize in Japan and create a strong and long-lasting community for ICOs, brands, firms, and projects. The company prides itself on being able to handle social media management. They help to manage the social media account of various brands.

Kaikoku usually helps a client come up with viral content that helps to spread the word on a project. With their expertise and experience, they can help a company to succeed.

Kaikoku is a Japan-focused cryptocurrency marketing agency that aims to bring Japan to the world. They work to ensure that international firms entering Japan and Japanese firms looking for global exposure can do so competently. Their goal is to increase brand awareness of any project using the power of the internet.

SICOS has the goal of being a one-stop solution for crowdfunding throughout Europe. They provide their clients with the advice they need at various levels of the ICO process.

The company helps to structure the ICO vehicle via competent global partners. They handle tokenomics, ensure compliance with best practices, connect a project with strategic partners, and much more.

SICOS is based in Luxembourg and helps companies to structure a legally sound ICO vehicle. To achieve this, they utilize their highly competent global partners to analyze the tokenomics of every project.

Moreover, the blockchain marketing agency believes that high-level best practices for an ICO project are needed for its success. They work tirelessly to ensure that happens.

EMURGO is a global blockchain tech company that offers solutions to startups, governments, enterprises, and developers. They develop solutions for firms, create developer tools, invest in startups, and help to disseminate blockchain education.

EMURGO is a well-known brand in the fintech and blockchain industry and has a presence in over six nations including India, the US, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Besides helping to market blockchain-related projects, EMURGO offers several important services such as IT consulting services and UI/UX development.

They have professional industry experts ready to help a company transform, implement, and maintain its infrastructure. Their support is provided to any project, as it is needed.

Blockchain Intelligence Group is a consulting firm that offers more than basic advisory services. They place themselves in the shoes of their clients and align their objectives with them.

The company works to unlock the full potential of the investment in the blockchain project. Blockchain Intelligence Group achieved its success because of successful and professional interactions with clients.

The company has developed various tools, combined with its team of seasoned investigators. These tools are designed to ensure that a company mitigates any legal risks associated with working in the blockchain sector.


Starting in 2018, Cryptoken Media is a full-service cryptocurrency and blockchain advertising agency with over 140 portfolios of clients. With offices in the UK and Bulgaria, the agency’s network allows them to organize and deliver very comprehensive campaigns both locally and on a very large global scale.

Cryptoken Media focuses on clever data-driven promotion and converting clicks into clients. The individual approach is part of their cost-efficiency optimization culture, which influences their data-driven strive to achieve more for their clients with less (when it comes to budget).

The agency has worked with several high-profile brands, including Binance, Liquid, Huobi, Atari, ApeSwap, Nexo, EtoroX, Smart Valor, Trastra, and more, helping add credibility to the company and its services. These services revolve around promoting crypto-based projects through PPC (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Naver Ads), Airdrop & Bounty Campaigns, Crypto-related forums promotion, Social Media advertising & management, Messaging platforms and Hidden Marketing activities, and more.  


Yellow Mango is a cryptocurrency marketing agency that offers its clients professional services in the marketing of their products. They handle all aspects of the marketing campaign from discovery to completion. Moreover, the company will collect data, which will help to quantify the success of its efforts.

Their main areas of focus are digital consultancy services and digital marketing. With their assistance, clients can launch successful digital marketing campaigns that help them maximize their ROI on ad dollars. The team comprises experienced professionals from various industries.

Clients’ solutions include enterprise architecture, business analysis, systems analysis, digital marketing, and product ownership.

As part of their digital marketing effort, companies receive services such as Google Analytics Consultancy, paid search engine marketing, email marketing campaigns, content creation and copywriting, and SEO services.

An international company with  7 Years of experience in crypto marketing. It is based in the UAE. QuickShock has also worked with some of the major players and unicorns in the crypto world like 1inch, Elrond, Xsolla, Bybit and others under NDA. Also helped in raising over 1 billion dollars on IEO and IDO. With  500+ successful case studies the firms services include :

  • Strategic and tactical marketing (we develop the marketing strategy and content plan, help with Whitepaper, economics & tokenomics, and building the entire structure of the project)
  • Community Management and SMM
  • Reputation management
  • Content marketing with SEO optimized articles in media outlets
  • Viral marketing and shilling (external and internal), 
  • Influence Marketing (Youtube, Twitter, Telegram), 
  • Helping projects get listed on exchanges. 

While hiring a crypto marketing agency may seem like an investment, it ultimately pays off by allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your project while we handle the marketing. If you want to take your crypto project to the next level, get in touch with the firm to learn more.


The world of crypto marketing has transformed significantly as crypto companies are growing like wildfire all across the globe. Major venture capitalists and companies are eyeing investment in crypto startups thus it becomes extremely important for a crypto company to avail services of a crypto marketing firm.

The Crypto ecosystem is evolving at a breath taking pace and more and more crypto companies are finding it hard to get visibility. What they need are marketing agencies that can bring their crypto project to the masses.

While numerous agencies have tried their hand at digital marketing in the crypto and blockchain sector, only a few Crypto marketing firms / agencies have been successful in providing crypto marketing services Any company that needs professional assistance with marketing should consider the companies listed in the article as per your business needs and budget. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to select the best crypto agency?

It's not always best to hire the most expensive agency because their work may not be as good as promised. It best to conduct a full proof research about the company before investing.

2. Why would anyone require a crypto marketing firm?

A crypto marketing firm can help amplify business in the following ways: The demand for specialized knowledge and experience in the crypto and blockchain industries. The requirement for additional resources and assistance to carry out an efficient marketing plan. The requirement to use the agency's network and connections in the community.