Riot Blockchain, Inc RIOT $11.38 $12,156,633 $11.52 $10.55 RIOT
Robinhood Markets, Inc. HOOD $10.74 $4,404,519 $10.77 $10.53 HOOD
Bitfarms Ltd. BITF $1.24 $5,934,900 $1.27 $1.20 BITF
Coinbase Global, Inc COIN $81.79 $6,346,658 $82.07 $75.46 COIN
Hut 8 Mining Corp. HUT $2.29 $7,317,800 $2.32 $2.19 HUT
CME Group Inc CME $205.29 $1,347,000 $206.31 $201.77 CME
Microstrategy Incorporated MSTR $353.07 $488,988 $356.82 $337.84 MSTR
Tesla TSLA $251.49 $115,312,886 $252.81 $243.27 TSLA
Block Inc SQ $56.04 $9,061,700 $56.50 $55.14 SQ
Argo Blockchain plc ARBKL $6.96 $1,139 $6.96 $6.56 ARBKL
Silvergate Capital Corporation SI $0.50 $122,941 $0.57 $0.45 SI

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are crypto stocks?

A cryptocurrency stock is a stock of a publicly traded company that runs operations heavily dependent on the blockchain or the cryptocurrency market. Popular cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency miners, blockchain technology experts, and other businesses with sizable cryptocurrency holdings on their balance sheets are among the companies whose stocks are included in this list.

2. Where to buy crypto stocks?

The cryptocurrency stocks can be easily accessed by anyone with an online brokerage account because they all trade on the Nasdaq Composite or NYSE in the United States.

3. How does crypto stocks work?

The majority of cryptocurrency stocks are expected to see their share prices rise over the long term if cryptocurrency adoption and use continue to grow across the globe, according to analysts and investors in the space. However, not every investor may want to make an investment of this volatility.

4. Is crypto a good stock to invest in?

It depends on your investment profile. If you are a seasoned investor and want to invest in an alternative asset class, crypto is a good option for you. However, if you are a novice trader and still learning the market dynamics, you might consider crypto investment a short term option.

5. Which is safer crypto or stocks?

Cryptocurrencies are considered a comparatively volatile investment option. However, stocks have become a go-to investment alternative for the seasoned investors due to their less risky and less volatile nature.

6. What is the difference between cryptocurrency and stocks?

Socks have been an abiding and long-established asset class when compared to cryptocurrency. Stocks can yield both short and long-term returns. However, crypto is a recently established asset class with high volatility.