Best Metaverse Games list to Earn Crypto [Updated]

By Coingape Staff
Updated August 21, 2023

In recent years, our viewpoint regarding online games has changed drastically; earlier, gaming was just seen as a source of entertainment, but now it is a means to earn additional income. The credit goes to the metaverse games and other technological innovations like NFT Collections, and blockchain technology.

Today, metaverse games not just provide entertainment but also help you make money by playing them. The gaming models such as play-to-earn (P2E) and free-to-play (F2P) are continuing to lure audiences on a massive scale. In this article, we have bought you a list of the best metaverse games. Our list includes :

CompanyBlockchainTokensInterfaceCostSocial Media

Farmers World
WAX blockchainFWW, FWF, FWGPCs and desktopsFree


axie-infinityAxie Infinity
EthereumAXS, SLPPCs, Andriod, and iOS mobiles$20 (price of 3 Axies)


Hive blockchainSPSPCs, Andriod and iOS mobilesFree


EthereumILVPCs, Mac, Andriod mobileFree


sandboxThe Sandbox EthereumSANDPCs, Mac, Andriod, iOS, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle Tablet and Fire TV, OuyaFree/Paid (Depends on the game)


A metaverse game refers to an online game that allows millions of players to interact with each other in a 3D virtual world. It is a blend of the virtual world, cryptocurrencies, augmented reality, NFTs, and blockchain. Most of these games extensively use NFTs and other blockchain tokens. In these games, participants own virtual items such as real estate, weapons, cars, etc and earn tokens and NFTs as rewards.

Top Metaverse Games [Reviewed]

Farmers World is one of the metaverse games that run on the WAX blockchain platform. Anyone can participate in this game and become a part of the Farmer’s ecosystem by registering and owning a WAX wallet.

By playing the Framers World, you can earn in-game tokens Wood (FWW), Food (FWF), and Gold (FWG). You can also engage in different activities like interacting with other farmers, discovering resources, performing mining activities, etc. Additionally, The platform also allows you to mine Gold by acquiring special mining equipment.

Apart from farmers, there are additional characters in the game. They include Bulls, Dairy Cows, Baby calves, Calves, Chickens, and Jungle Monsters. You can make money in this game by selling farm animals and food in the marketplace or swapping resources for a profit.

  • The Farmers World has high earning potential. So, it is a good choice of investment.
  • It has immersive gaming elements like raising animals, tending the land, and building structures.
  • The game works based on decentralization. It gives you complete ownership over your earnings and rewards.
  • Though you can play the game for free, you need around $1,500 to $2,000 to access Gold Mining feature of the game. The Mining Excavator used in Gold Mining costs a lot.
  • No clear communication from the team since May 2022 about project updates and developments.

Axie Infinity is one of the best metaverse games to earn money and has a huge fan following. It became a popular Play-to-Earn game during the Pandemic as many players earned a living by playing Axie Infinity.

To play the game, you first need to buy three Axies from the Axie Marketplace. Each Axie has distinct characteristics that determine their battle role. As you make progress in the game, you get the Smooth Love Potion(SLP) tokens as an in-game digital currency. The easiest way to gain SLP tokens is by finishing the daily quests, and PvE missions, and engaging in Player Vs Player battles.

  • It has high earning potential through battling in the game and trading the tokens on marketplace.
  • There is a lot of scope of future developments and expanding its features.
  • Being one of the early and popular P2E game, it played a key role in the adoption of metaverse games.
  • The game is not free to play. And, it has earning limitations.
  • Staking the in-game assets involves high costs.
  • The app experiences server failures and unnecessary bans.

Splinterlands is one of the top metaverse games available in the market and is built on the Hive blockchain. If you are familiar with Hearthstone or any other card game, you can easily play Slpinterlands. The game is free to play. But, if you are looking to earn, you need to buy a Summoner’s spellbook from its marketplace.

The native currency of Splinterlands is called Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). When you buy Summoner’s book, you can start playing and earning DEC tokens. You can play two types of games in Splinterlands – battle format and playable cards. And, earn rewards by winning battles, daily quests, etc rewards.

  • Splinterlands is easy to play yet engaging with god visuals and art design.
  • The game has interesting and quick battles that take just a few minutes.
  • It has an active community and good earning potential.
  • Splinterlands is transparent and works based on decentralization.
  • Though the game is free to play, you need some investment to buy your own cards.
  • Some high-level bots grab all the rewards distributed from the project.
  • Pre-sales can be expensive for small investors.

Illuvium is another play-to-earn NFT creature collector and auto battler game that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The game consists of mysterious creatures called Illuvials. Players need to capture and collect strong Illuvials to earn rewards.

The Illuvium game has the best and most immersive graphics along with a play-to-earn option. It is an open-world RPG adventure game and ensures decentralized, anonymous, and secure transactions.

By having actual custody of your assets, you get the authority to collect and trade NFTs in the marketplace of your choice. Players can earn crypto in ILV tokens as in-game rewards by playing in PVE quests, and completing other tasks.

  • Illuvium game has immersive and entertaining game.
  • It combines features of popular games like Pokeman, Nintendo, and Riot Games' Teamfight Tactics.
  • There is a scope for development and expansion of the project.
  • Novice developers behind the project which increases concerns over security and viability.
  • There is no game play footage to backup plans.

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The Sandbox often occupies the top position when it comes to best metaverse games. It consists of multiple community-driven play-to-earn decentralized games built on blockchain technology.

The gaming platform allows users to play, create and monetize voxel assets as well as gaming experiences. Voxel assets are basically 3D pixels that are used to create 3D digital items. On this platform, players can create digital assets, convert them into NFTs, and sell them on the marketplace to make profits.

SAND, an ERC-20 token is the native utility token of the Sandbox metaverse. If you are someone interested in art, you can create artwork in this metaverse. Or, if you are more into game design, you can create games and sell them in the Sandbox metaverse.

  • The Sandbox allows players to design games without any coding knowledge.
  • The platform offers governance rights to the SAND token holders and works based on decentralization.
  • Users can have complete ownership over their assets. And, the platform offers various methods to earn.
  • The economy of he Sandbox metaverse is still in the early stages.
  • It is expensive to get started and access the metaverse.


The metaverse games list to earn crypto rewards discussed in this article doesn’t end here. Other metaverse games, such as Decentraland, Sorare, Metastrike, My Neighbor Alice, etc., also help you add additional income to your wallet. This list we have published is for informational purposes only; it is therefore recommended to do your own research before making any investment-related decision. The article’s information should not be interpreted as investment, legal, financial, or any other advice.

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