Top Web3 Games To Explore In 2023; Here List

By Coingape Staff
Updated August 19, 2023

The arrival of Web 3.0 has reshaped numerous industries, and gaming is certainly one of them. Each day, a new and insanely Web 3.0 game pops into the market, attracting the eyeballs of gamers around the world. With the efficient use of blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized networks, those games offer a greater interactive and fun environment for players.
However, with so many alternatives on the market, selecting the best Web 3.0 games may be a bit difficult. So, to make your work less complicated, we’ve indexed the top Web 3.0 games in this article based sentiment feed in respect of active addresses in the past 30 days. Before moving ahead, let’s first understand what exactly Web 3.0 games?

What are Web 3.0 games?

Web 3.0 games, also referred to as blockchain games, are a new generation of video games. They are incredibly well designed with the assistance of Web 3.0 technology. Unlike conventional games, which might be centralized and managed by software providers, Web 3.0 games are created on blockchain platforms, which offer transparency, safety, and consumer ownership. These games use non-fungible tokens to symbolize in-sport assets, providing you with real ownership in addition to the capability to exchange, sell, or use these assets throughout several games.

CompanyBlockchainInterfaceRatingsPlay Now
CryptokittiesAxie InfinityEthereum Windows and Android 5 Visit here
CryptokittiesCryptokittiesEthereumWindows4Visit here
SkyweaverSkyweaver Polygon All3.5Visit here
Hive Android, iOS, and Windows3.5Visit here
Phantom GalaxiesPhantom Galaxies PolygonPlaystation, Xbox one, and Windows4Visit here
SandboxSandbox PolygonWindows, and MAC4Visit here

Top Web3 Games To Explore In 2023

Axie Infinity is published by Sky Mavis in 2018. This NFTs game is the best web3 game
as it enjoys a humongous community to stand in its support in case of controversies. Using a play-to-earn business model, the game operates on the Ethereum and Ronin blockchains.

It is more or less similar to the Pokemon games, which use creatures named Axies that need to be trained to enter warfare. By winning these fights, the players can earn rewards and convert them to real crypto assets.

How to earn with Axie Infinity?

The players need to assemble SLP (short for Smooth Love Potion). The SLP can be earned by simply logging in every day, playing daily adventures, and winning the warfares. These SLPs can be exchanged for actual money or any other cryptocurrency of your choosing.

Another way to earn through Axie Infinity is by breeding and trading Axies. These breed Axies can be traded on the Axie Marketplace.

  • Adventure and PvP are the two available modes.
  • Players battle PvE enemies and gain XPs in the Adventure mode.
  • Players compete against one another in PvP for rewards.
  • Every day, players are given 20 Energy Points to use in either mode.

Axie Infinity

Supports Android, iPhone, Windows, and MAC
Fees  4.25% marketplace fee and 0.005 ETH fee for breeding Axies
Minimum Deposit  $500
Wallet used  Ronin wallet


  • Axie Infinity is on Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • The AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) and SLP (Smooth Love Potions) can be traded for ETH (Ether).
  • Most of the game is focused on PvP battles and breeding Axies making it the most engaging gameplay.
  • The Axies that players’ purchase, collect, or breed are all NFT assets.
  • The developers have capped how much a player can earn daily from these activities.
  • It is a time consuming game, making Axie a bit boring for beginners.
  • Axie Infinity has an entry cost of around $500 or more.

CryptoKitties is among the top Web3 games that are breedable. Since it is an NFT game, the incredibly cute collectibles can boost traders’ profits. The cats in the game can be your property without sharing any parts of them with other players. Thus, players have complete control over the character, restricting anyone in the world from replicating or destroying it. Players can breed adopt cats of varied shapes and sizes. They can create a collection and later put them up for breeding without any cost.

How to earn with CryptoKitties?

To ensure earning, the first and foremost step is to set up an account with CryptoKitties. Here is how you can start earning:

  • Purchase CryptoKitties: Players can now view CryptoKitties for sale through the website or secondary NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. New players have the option to purchase just one kitty to get started or buy a pair right away. If they purchase two CryptoKitties immediately, they can breed their cats for a much lower fee. Prices vary between 0.001 ETH and 600 ETH.
  • Breed CryptoKitties: Players can breed two of their own kitties together. Otherwise, they can be bred on a public Sire. A player must choose a Sire from the market and click the “Breed Now” option in order to breed their Kitty with a public Sire.
  • Sell or Sire CryptoKitties: Kitties that are up for Sire in the web 3 gaming marketplace will either have a sell or breed option, which will eventually lead the players to the auction place.

The player who owns the kitty will receive a Siring fee. However, this entails a breeding fee that includes the cost of creating a new kitty. As the crypto cat prices keep on changing, players can get kitties at a cheaper price and sell them at a higher price.


Supports Windows
Fees  0.008 Ether
Minimum Deposit  0.001 Ether
Wallet used  Metamask 
Additional Hardware  Not required 
  • It enables the straightforward, precise use of its output.
  • The value of crypto collectibles is dependent upon their uniqueness and rarity.
  • Players have full control over the kitties.
  • The fluctuation in the price of the kitty might backfire for a few players.
  • Gamers have complained that Cryptokitties doesn’t have any actual gameplay at all.
  • There is no action, no RPG, and no game board.

Skyweaver is set in a world where everyone wants to control the Genesis Prism. It is the newest crypto games among rest on the list. The game was released in 2022. It is a Free-to-play Trading Card Game (TCG) where players are the Skyweaver champions selected by prisms. Players need to control the sky energies and protect the sky people. Champions of the Skyweaver game need to keep an eye on the dark energies lurching in the darkness, planning to take over the Genesis Prism.

How to earn with Skyweaver without investing money?

Skyweaver is an exhilarating game that can be played for free even on a mobile phone. It doesn’t involve capital until you want to earn it. Here is how to earn by playing this top web3 games:

  • Step 1: At the beginning, start with a free card that is available for all players.
  • Step 2: Play with it until you have enough tokens to purchase more potent NFT cards.
  • Step 3: Participate in battles and win more tokens. Ensure that the strategies you are planning to use involve the best card deck. This will help you win tokens and NFTs.

The NFT you have can be increased to increase attack damage. Of course, you can sell the upgraded NFT in the marketplace at many times the price.


Supports Android, iPhone, Windows, and MAC
Transactional Fees  $0.01
Minimum Deposit  1.5 USDC for silver card 
Wallet used  Sequence Wallet 
Additional Hardware  Android 10, iOs 14.7, and CPU Inter Core i5
  • The game helps players earn gold/silver cards, which can later be traded on NFT marketplaces.
  • The gameplay is exciting and captivating, making it top the list of play-to-earn games.
  • It comes with a vibrant vibe that creates an immersive gaming experience.
  • It adds a few fresh elements/effects to the genre.
  • Players who have just entered the world of gaming might find it overwhelming.
  • It is a time consuming gameplay.
  • Unlocking every card can take some time, which can be tedious.

Splinterlands is a multiplayer next generation card game. It falls into the category of one of the biggest Web3 games. The players in this game can collect, trade, and battle. These cards can be kept as digital collectibles to be further exchanged for real world value. These battles in Splinterlands are unique. It has dynamically created combat rules. Players conduct team building and practice sessions. In Splinterlands, the speed and convenience of a digital game are combined with the collectability and resale value of physical card games.

How to earn with Splinterlands?

The game is set in the format of play-to-win. It ranks on the top of play-to earn crypto games list. All those Hearthstone aficionados will find this crypto game website quite fascinating. Here’s how playing the game can earn you money.

  • Play battles: Splinterlands has various tournaments, combats, and challenges with numerous game modes. Each player can bring forth their deck and participate in battle to win more rewards.
  • Earn rewards: The players earn rewards after winning battles and quests. The rewards are in the form of SPS, cards, and other in-game items. These rewards can help players purchase cards or even trade them for real time money.


Supports Windows
Fees  $10 for Summoner’s Spellbook
Minimum Deposit  0
Wallet used  Any
Additional Hardware  Not required 


  • It has one of a kind deckbuilding mechanism
  • These cards have distinctive abilities.
  • It is exciting for the players to gradually learn the gameplay.
  • It could be overwhelming for beginners.
  • The process seems slow for seasoned players.
  • It has server connectivity issues.

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Sparkball is MOBA gameplay that enables players to control a single hero. Players who have played this game believe it to be the next-gen MOBA game. The game is now currently redeveloping to become the newest crypto games in the domain. It is expected to be better and more action packed than the traditional games of same genre. The intense combat heavily emphasizes skillshots, dodging, and outplaying your opponent.

With all of these factors at play, Sparkball is a game that moves at such a breakneck pace that winning requires strong teamwork. To take down the opposing team’s goalie and score against their goal is the main objective of the exciting game of Sparkball, which pits two teams of four players against each other.

In order to defeat their opponents, a winning Sparkball team must combine cooperation, planning ahead, and proper ball handling.

Supports Windows, and MAC
Fees  No fees
Minimum Deposit  0
Wallet used  Any
Additional Hardware  Not required 
  • It has a better UI, and more responsive interfaces for a better game experience.
  • It allows players for diverse team comprehensions.
  • Fun and challenging gameplay with a fresh scoring system.
  • It has various tutorials for new players.
  • It makes it difficult for single players to adjust against team dependence.

Ember Sword is a web3 gaming crypto based on nations and a dystopian moon. The landowners have the privilege of taking part in alpha testing, and land sales are conducted via their website. You can choose how you want to play the game for free and with play-pay-earn options. The Ethereum blockchain makes it possible to collect NFTs and track land ownership. Ember, an ERC-20 token that can be purchased in the game, serves as the in-game money. As a result, you can buy land and collectible in-game NFTs with the token.

ember sword

Supports Windows, and MAC
Fees  Free
Minimum Deposit  0
Wallet used  Any
Additional Hardware  Not required 


  • This games cryptocurrency keeps you hooked for hours.
  • Players can create multiple characters to pursue multiple roles.
  • It is a crypto game that is available on iOS, and windows operating systems and not on Android mobiles or PCs.

Phantom Galaxies is a web 3 gaming place where players control the war and protect Canis Major from invasion. The players will have to play on the front lines and explore deep spaces to uncover the weapons and arsenals of Sha’kari. It is a 3D action RPG (ARPG) game.

How to earn with Phantom Galaxies?

Players can earn real-world money with this biggest web3 games by playing through the storyline and going on missions. They can sell their collection in the in-game market to earn rewards.

  • In this game, they can contend for control of various bases and resource locations. Players can earn rewards by staking governance tokens to their holdings as long as they keep control after being captured.
  • Phantom Galaxies rewards in PGToken which can traded for real time money.
  • If the planet is improved by winning and covering areas, the number of tokens earned multiplies with time. By enticing players to go there and stay engaged in the game, the planet can be improved.

Phantom galaxies

Supports Playstation, Xbox one, and Windows
Fees  Paid
Minimum Deposit  $20.3 for Origin Series NFT 
Wallet used  Metamask and Coinbase 
Additional Hardware  Not required 
  • It has engaging combat system.
  • It has numerous combinations to theorize.
  • It comes with stunning visuals of outer space.
  • The players can customize mechanisms, war stations, etc
  • It required Origin Series NFT, which is a major barrier at the entry level.
  • It lacks tutorials for beginners.

The Sandbox is a decentralized, community-driven gaming ecosystem, and a web3 game platform where creators can share and monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences. This is the beauty of Sandbox, giving players a clean slave to let their imaginations run wild and create attractive destinations for players to enjoy.

How to earn with the Sandbox?

The Sandbox allows the players to create original things can be further sold as a part of web3 game platform.

  • Owning LAND has the potential to increase your wealth as more players put money into the game, driving up its value and allowing you to sell it for a profit.
  • In addition, Sandbox participants will have the option of leasing their LAND to outside parties, such as non-LAND-owning game developers.
  • Playing platform games or competing in tournaments are additional ways to earn SAND.


Supports Windows, and MAC
Fees  Free
Minimum Deposit  1,011 SAND
Wallet used  Any
Additional Hardware  Not required 


  • It has countless international and blockchain-native IP integrations.
  • Tons of content, quests, and community-created experiences.
  • Game Maker Fund projects provide memorable journeys.
  • There are barrier of entry due to LAND and SAND.
  • It gives access only to crypto natives.


The arrival of Web3 technology is definitely reshaping your love for gaming. Web3 gaming has ushered in a new era of interactive and immersive experiences in which you can not only enjoy engaging games but also participate in Play-to-Earn ecosystems. The best web3 games include various gaming types and creative features, attracting the interest of both players and investors. Web 3.0 games have opened the doors to a brand new age of gaming that prioritizes player empowerment, possession, and economic prospects within virtual environments. These best Web 3.0 games display an extensive range of features. According to the comprehensive research, Axie Infinity gained highest rank on our list. We have added transactional information about the games so that you can have a gist what works and by how much.

From battling creatures to building digital worlds to buying and selling digital commodities, Web 3.0 games offer premium features and perks. So, as blockchain technology matures and profits popular adoption, gaming’s future may be more interactive, immersive, and player-centric than ever before.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which devices are compatible to play these Web 3.0 games?

Most of the popular Web 3.0 games can be played on any device, like smartphones, desktops, or tablets. However, a bunch of these video games may have some additional necessities. We have added the information about each game's compatible devices information in the list.

2. Are these games appropriate for all ages?

Most of the Web 3.0 games are created for all ages.

3. Are these games free to play?

You will find all the monetary information about the above mentioned games in the list above.

4. Is interaction with different gamers is possible in these games?

Mostly yes, the emphasis on participant involvement is one of the exciting elements of the top Web 3.0 games. These games regularly permit gamers to interact, compete, change, and speak with each other in a virtual environment.

5. What are the advantages of playing Web3 games for gamers?

Players may commercialize their in-game accomplishments or creations and have more control over their assets in Web3 gaming. They can gain cryptocurrency, sell virtual goods, and take part in decentralized autonomous organizations' (DAOs') decision-making or game production processes.