Over the past few decades, conversations about fighting climate change have become louder. A majority of those who care about their environment and the future of this planet are starting to make efforts to mitigate the damage. However, existing systems, such as carbon credits, are not efficient enough to solve these problems. This is where Carbify comes into the picture. As an environmentally focused project, it plans to plant millions of trees in the Amazon rainforest over the next few years, and it has already planted 100,000 trees.


Carbify is a newly introduced blockchain-based platform where users can invest in NFTrees, like real world assets. The NFTrees are representative of planting real trees in the Amazon rainforest. For any crypto project to include such a unique RWA is a huge deal, as these are tangible assets and not concepts in thin air.

Their planting efforts contribute to absorbing CO2, which can encourage sustainability, food security, and reforestation. Users are incentivized with $aCO2 tokens to partake in these activities.

Carbify is a great idea that combines environmental impact with blockchain and gaming. It not only offers a unique way to support the Amazon rainforest and its inhabitants but also gives participants the chance to earn some passive income.

The Problems That Carbify Wants to Solve and Their Solution

Carbify is a project that cares about the environment. It solves several problems related to poverty, deforestation, and climate change. Here are some of the real-life challenges that Carbify wants to overcome:

  • The volume of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing at a dramatic rate. It is identified as the No. 1 contributor to global warming, which negatively impacts ecosystems and human health.
  • The destruction of the Amazon rainforest has resulted in a loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services where millions of indigenous people and wildlife live.
  • There aren’t enough food security and economic opportunities for the local communities residing in the Amazon region, who are overdependent on the forest for their livelihood.
  • There are a lot of inefficiencies and fraud in the current carbon market. All of this makes it very difficult to verify and track the impact of carbon offsets.
  • The degree of participation of consumers and investors in social and environmental causes is still low, due to a lack of incentives and appeal.

So how does Carbify solve all these problems? 

  • Carbify has come up with a platform that allows users to invest in NFTrees, each of which represents the planting of a real tree in the Amazon rainforest region. This action can generate carbon debits, or $aCO2 tokens, for users.
  • Carbify also supports reforestation and conservation efforts in the region. By encouraging the sustainable use of fruits and nuts from trees, it is empowering local communities and improving food security.
  • Carbify makes things transparent, secure, and traceable by using blockchain technology and NFTs.
  • In an effort to attract and retain users, Carbify has numerous rewards and gamification features to enjoy.

The Carbify Revenue Model: Explained

At Carbify, users have several earning opportunities, including bonuses. They can also participate in triple-down promotions to increase their earnings. The following steps explain how easy it is to start earning on Carbify.

  • After purchasing a tree from Carbify, each user will receive an NFT. The tree can generate $aCO2 tokens for at least twenty years. The $aCO2 tokens can be sold in a number of ways presented by Carbify, based on CO2 voluntary market prices. Each tree can absorb between 150 and 200 kg of CO2 every year.
  • If a user is a tree owner, they can stake their trees on the virtual land plots available. They can double the yield they get from the trees every year.
  • Playing the Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth game also lets users earn more. They can plant NFTrees on their in-game plots to receive a share of the large reward pool based on the amount of CO2 offset.
  • Users can sell $aCo2 tokens to a pool at a fixed price. They can also choose to claim the $aCO2 token at any time and hold on to it for investment purposes.
  • Users can reduce their carbon footprint by burning $aCO2 tokens. They will each receive an official certificate stored on the blockchain as proof.

Playing Eco Empires to Win Rewards

To make things more interesting and fun, Carbify is in the process of developing several  games. The first and flagship game is called Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth. This game is a one-of-a-kind and demanding real-time strategy MMO game that requires players to rapidly expand their villages and build armies in order to conquer other villages

The game involves players gathering resources, building and upgrading structures, and expanding their territory. While CO2 neutrality is one of the gaming mechanisms, it is not the primary focus of the game. However, it does play a significant role in enhancing the overall gaming experience. 

Eco Empires: Battle for the Earth combines carbon offsets with a compensate-to-win model. Each plot of land in the game lets players plant trees, which absorb a certain amount of CO2. The player has the liberty to create armies, upgrade buildings, and research new weapons, but only if they compensate for the CO2 that these actions produce. Players can burn their $aCO2 tokens or buy in-game credits to speed up the carbon offsetting process for a limited time. In the backend, the payments made in fiat currency for in-game credits will be converted into CO2 tokens. Many players won’t even notice they are actively compensating for their carbon footprint.

The Carbify CO2 Calculator Portal

Carbify provides a CO2 calculator portal, which can be a valuable resource for individuals who want to calculate their reduced carbon footprint. It’s an online widget that provides calculations on every C02 emission for various activities such as eating food, traveling, driving a car, and flying on an airplane.

This interesting and important widget helps individuals and businesses make informed decisions about their actions and become more sustainable.

Tokenomics and token sales

$CBY, which is the native token of Carbify, has a token release schedule set over 4 years. Carbify has specified its lock-up and vesting schedule on its tokenomics page. The project will distribute a total of 50 million CBY in the token generation event based on the following allocations.

  • Community and Ecosystem: 35%
  • Development Treasury: 20%
  • Team and Staff: 15%
  • Private Sale: 10%
  • Staking and Community Participation: 7.5%
  • Liquidity and Exchanges: 5%
  • Partners: 5%
  • Advisors: 2.5%

Carbify generated approximately $2.5 million USD through a combination of private and public sales, along with the sale of NFTs. The token sale was sold out under 20 minutes. The remaining tokens from the community and ecosystem pool will be airdropped frequently every time an NFTree is sold. Each time a user purchases one or more trees, they will get $2.5 worth of CBY tokens.

Explaining the uses of Carbify tokens

There are four main types of tokens used in the Carbify ecosystem: CBY, aCO2, NFTree, and carbon reduction certificates.


The main token of the platform is $CBY, which has multiple utilities. It has a variety of uses, such as to purchase in-game assets on the Eco Empires marketplace or to buy premium packages for the game. The token also plays a big part in the tree-staking program, where users can upgrade NFTs by storing CBY tokens in smart NFTs. This opens up another use case for CBY for companies looking for Carbify as an ecological consultancy. Carbify has decided to burn parts of the token being used for staking to lower the circulating supply over time.

There is another aspect to using CBY, which is via the “Gift a Tree” project. For this project, the team will be developing a box for retail/online stores with a single tree to be used as a present. The best part is that 10% of the gross sales from Gift a Tree will go into CBY buyback and burn after that.


At Carbify, each $aCO2 token represents 1 kg of CO2 captured inside the Amazon rainforest. Carbify also plans on making similar CO2-based tokens for other geographical locations around the world. The tokens can be sold to companies or individuals to offset their CO2 emissions. Their price is determined based on the carbon pricing mechanisms of various regions, including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

  • By burning $aCO2 tokens, an official carbon offset certificate will be created.
  • $aCO2 tokens can be burned in-game for various in-game enhancements and advantages.
  • The tokens can also be sold in one of the CO2 pools provided by Carbify.
  • In the future the $aCO2 token can be traded on a DEX or even a CEX.


As mentioned before, Carbify helps users fight climate change through “NFTrees”. Each NFTree is a representation of a real tree in the Amazon rainforest. The owner of these NFTrees will receive $aCO2 tokens, which can be readily exchanged for USDT or USDC. Each NFTree costs $13 at the time of writing, including a free airdrop of $2.5 $CBY.

As the world’s first carbon debit token, it is paid out only after a certain amount of CO2 has been absorbed. All C02 offset data is recorded on the blockchain and can be checked whenever required. Each tree, including its bio-diverse surroundings, generates 175 tons of CO2 per year. This makes the entire process fun, exciting, and rewarding due to the potential for passive income.

Carbon Reduction Certificate

Holding an $aCO2 token doesn’t represent carbon neutrality. To claim the compensation, holders have to burn their tokens. By burning the tokens, a specific amount of CO2 compensation is registered. The compensation is provided in the form of a Carbon Reduction Certificate or CRC. It is a non-fungible token that is sent directly to the wallet of the organization or individual looking to offset their CO2 emissions.

Each CRC includes critical information such as the amount, signature, and company stamp of the person or business. When users burn $aCO2 tokens, they are removed from the overall supply to prevent double claiming or double counting.

Staking at Carbify

Carbify allows users to gain some passive income through staking. Those who purchase Carbify-powered trees will be entitled to $aCO2 tokens based on how much carbon the trees have absorbed. In other words, the platform allows users to stake their trees on land plots by locking in some $CBY tokens.

There are three types of land plots offered by Carbify: Genesis plots, Premium plots, and Standard plots. Based on how many plots a user has, the base yield, or rewards, increases significantly.

Carbidash: Carbify’s Decentralized Application

Carbify has created a dApp called Carbidash which allows users to stake their $CBY tokens and also earn increased rewards from NFTrees and $aCO2 tokens. With Carbidash, users can do the following:

  • To access Carbidash, users must connect their wallet to Carbify’s dashboard.
  • Users can  buy NFTrees and plant them on land plots provided by Carbidash. Each plot has different sizes and prices, and rewards depend on how many trees are planted on each plot.
  • Users start to earn $aCO2 tokens for their NFTrees and CBY tokens. $aCO2 tokens are distributed daily.
  • Users can also unstake their $CBY tokens and withdraw their $aCO2 tokens at any time they wish.

How to Buy NFTrees and Landplots at Carbify?

To buy a Carbify NFTree (Polygon Chain), users need to follow these simple steps.

  • Users must first go to OpenSea and create an account. They must confirm the seller’s account address to be 0x3e41ABe38f68223e43F52688C48EF85D2F10E030.
  • They have to go to the NFTree detail page, where they will get the current price in terms of USDC. They simply need to click the “Add to Cart” button to start buying the NFTree.
  • Once the above step is completed, the NFTree is added to the shopping cart. To select more than one NFTree to buy, they can simply press the “+” symbol.
  • To confirm the purchase, users must press “Complete”. They can confirm the transaction by using MetaMask or any other wallet add-on.

Please take note: Carbify has plans to introduce its own unique marketplace in the second quarter of 2023. Once this marketplace, accessible through Carbidash, is launched, Opensea will no longer be accessible.

The process for buying land plots at Carbify is similar to buying an NFTree, as both of them are in OpenSea.

  • After entering OpenSea and creating an account, they have to go to the NFTree detail page and click the Add to Cart button next to the land plot.
  • The land plot is then added to the shopping cart. They can confirm the purchase in a similar way to how they do it for NFTrees.

Reasons to Invest in Carbify

After examining the different aspects of Carbify, we’ve come up with important reasons to invest in Carbify and its potential future.

The nature of the business

Carbify plants and trees in the Amazon rainforest and incentivize users with carbon debit tokens. These debit tokens can be exchanged for USDT or USDC. This is ideal for environmental enthusiasts who want to save the planet while earning.

Exciting opportunities

Carbify allows users to play Eco Empires, which is an enthralling RTS MMO game where they can earn rewards. It also allows users to buy NFTrees, which represent the planting of a real tree in the Amazon rainforest.

Introducing Regenerative Finance

One of the new and rapidly expanding fields is Regenerative Finance. It is a financial system that focuses more on the health and resilience of our planet instead of financial gains. Investing in Carbify will allow investors to tap into ReFi.

Carbify is approved by the United Nations

The Global Carbon Standard submitted by Carbify to the United Nations for approval has been successful. This means various ecologists who are working painstakingly to make sure Carbify becomes the future world standard for carbon, are one step closer to making it a reality.

The project is transparent

All trees are bound to an NFT at Carbify and contain critical information. Carbify also ensures transparency in financial reporting as they publish quarterly financial reports. All wallets are protected using a multi-signature solution for added security.

Unique token distribution and tokenomics

There are a total of 50 million CBY tokens, with only 8.4 million available for public or private sale. The rest of the tokens are expected to be airdropped to “tree buyers”

Multiple revenue streams

Carbify provides multiple revenue streams for making money, including tree sales, $aCO2 sales, NFT sales, audits, and consulting.


At a time when fighting the environment is everyone’s priority, Carbify presents a fun and exciting way to support the Amazon rainforest while earning passive income. The project is simple, transparent, and secure, and it has created a strong community. With detailed plans for the future, Carbify is on a path to becoming one of the biggest environmental-focused crypto projects in existence.

Being an active participant in the Blockchain world, I always look forward to engage with opportunities where I could share my love towards digital transformation.
The presented content may include the personal opinion of the author and is subject to market condition. Do your market research before investing in cryptocurrencies. The author or the publication does not hold any responsibility for your personal financial loss.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I buy NFTrees from Carbify?

NFTrees can be bought from Cabify’s official website or dashboard. Users can view their NFTrees on any NFT marketplace that supports them or on Carbify’s dashboard.

What is the value of Carbify tokens right now?

Carbify’s CBY token is valued at $0.591 at the time of writing (06/05/2023). Its market cap is $4,964,406.

How can users burn their $aCO2 tokens?

Burning $aCO2 tokens allows users to offset their carbon emissions. To burn these tokens, users have to use Carbify’s dashboard or game. They receive a Carbon Reduction Certificate (NFT) in exchange. The certificate will be readily available and can be viewed on any Carbify NFT-compliant NFT marketplace.