Solidus AI Tech: Revolutionizing The Computing Landscape

In this blog we will explore all about Solidus AI Tech, a Revolutionizing the computing Landscape in the world of AI

The pandemic has changed our perception of a lot of things, but mostly in the digital space. The demand for digital transformation has been there before, but now this sector has grown to automate certain processes that might impact our everyday lives. This is where Solidus AI Tech comes into the picture. The cutting-edge computation network helps organizations that are embracing complex AI projects with high-performance computing (HPC) power.

From government authorities and corporations to SMEs and professionals, the demand for exceptional computing resources is higher than it was before. Solidus AI Tech bridges the gap by providing efficient data centers that are capable of meeting the global demand for computing power.

Company overview

Launched in December 2017, Solidus AI Tech is a computation network that focuses on leveraging HPC servers by building an eco-friendly HPC data center that spans more than 8000 square feet, along with similar data centers across Europe. The data center features advanced software and hardware components that help deliver AI as a service, blockchain as a service, and high-performance computing services.

Solidus AI Tech has also launched the world’s first deflationary AI token, AITECH, that can be retained, utilized, or sold to procure blockchain, AI, and HPC services. Businesses and individuals need to use $AITECH in order to leverage the benefits of the Solidus AI Tech ecosystem.

Moreover, Solidus AI Tech also unveils a marketplace where developers will be able to launch AI software apps for users.

A look into HPC computing with Solidus AI Tech

From deep learning and image recognition to autonomous vehicles and real-time voice transitions, there is an array of machine learning applications that leverage HPC servers. Machine learning is not a new concept, but the availability of extensive data and the powerful HPC servers have changed the game with faster and more effective parallel computing.

Solidus AI Tech is all set to launch Future Metaverse and Play2Earn projects that require the use of HPC capabilities. With HPC, Solidus can build safer and more interconnected communities globally.

HPC Metaverse Challenges

While the advantages of HPC solutions are countless, there are certain challenges that could hinder their incorporation into the metaverse.

  • Overall cost: the cost of running HPC can be a prominent challenge. Over half of the participants noted that costs regarding HPC services and management are obstacles to the mass adoption of HPC on a global scale. The demand for HPC resources surpasses the supply, which results in a loss of productivity for gaming as well as for Meta.
  • Performance issue: Since the performance of HPC services is primarily on the cloud, they are not fast enough to meet the demand and can be a concern for the users.
  • Data security: The application on the cloud processes data transfers in huge amounts that might lead to data breaches.
  • Sustainability: Training AI models can consume a large amount of energy and could result in higher CO2 emissions.

Why Solidus? Solutions to combat the challenges

Solidus AI Tech addresses these shortcomings that hinder the adoption of HPC with its curated solutions. Here’s how:

  • Reduced costs :

The HPC data center at Solidus AI Tech is situated in a green energy location where the team has access to low-cost electricity. Additionally, Solidus prioritizes faster processes with the fastest internet speed in Europe, along with running their hardware and intellectual property nearly 40% more efficiently than the average. This way, Solidus offers HPC services at lower prices that come with faster speeds.

  • Better performance :

Solidus aims to solve the performance gap by offering unmatched speeds through their IP software and reducing costs.

  • More sustainable :

We know that HPC services can cause sustainability issues, but Solidus aims to solve that by turning off nodes in a dominant state, which helps save energy costs.

  • Intellectual property  :

The objective of Solidus AI technology is to improve the overall efficiency and minimize the power consumption that take place in the data centres that are currently operating under ISO 14001:2015. However, the existing software runs at nearly 40% less power consumption. Since the AI hardware also runs on the same IP, the data centre becomes an eco-friendly one despite the challenges that come with HPC services.

  • Greater security features :

Solidus AI Tech takes security measures seriously and balances the necessities of being vigilant, secure, and resilient with strategic objectives.On their vulnerability monitoring platform, the team has implemented proven methodologies along with military-grade standards. With this platform, Solidus can automatically discover the assets using a highly secured protocol. Solidus refrains from using the Vulnerability Monitoring Platform and compares the hardware and software components with different data sources that provide real-time vulnerability alerts. The Vulnerability Monitoring Platform also manages every network, be it virtual or physical, in the data center. The platform is also connected to the firewalls, which refrain from using IP and are not registered to the network using any MAC address.

  • Sustainable approach  :

Solidus AI Tech supports the Crypto Climate Accord, which focuses on decarbonizing the global crypto industry. Their objective is to transform the industry and transition to net-zero CO2 emissions by the year 2040.

Demand for HPC in the AI industry :

While it is only the dawn of the AI revolution, every individual and business is realizing the capabilities that AI holds. The core of AI-powered applications like speech recognition and image recognition is reaching maturity along with the emergence of newer businesses. As the pandemic changed the digital transformation for the masses, the same can be said for the AI industry as well, increasing the demand for computing resources in the AI sector.


Solidus AI Tech is unwavering in its objective to provide the first ever HPC data centre in Europe. With the commitment to make organizations thrive in the AI era, they introduced the decentralized approach and composed to redefine the system of computing.

Being an active participant in the Blockchain world, I always look forward to engage with opportunities where I could share my love towards digital transformation.
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