Is Solidus AI Tech A Good Investment? Here’s What The Experts Say

The crypto industry is never short of investment opportunities in the form of new and emerging technologies. But unfortunately, not all of them turn out to be successful after their initial breakout stage. This has been the case with countless meme coins and copycat projects. As a result, investors in the blockchain industry find themselves in a tough spot when choosing a good enough investment that actually brings some serious ROI.

During the current phase of technical advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) has grabbed people’s attention globally. Nowadays, it is not just a buzzword but a key needle-mover for bringing engagement and investments. Apart from a few AI-based or AI-inspired crypto projects, none made a huge impact like Solidus AI Tech. Let’s see how this project went from being less known to a full-blown success after raising millions in the first IDO.

First, here’s an introduction to what exactly Solidus AI Tech is:

Solidus AI Tech is mainly a tech company active since 2017 with the goal of eliminating the crisis of high-performance computing resources in Europe. It aims to achieve its goal by building several data centers and starting a wave of HPC infrastructure. It offers infrastructure-as-a-service and is on the way to becoming a leading name in the democratization of AI.

Solidus AI Tech: the entry phase

The industry first became aware of this project back in 2021, when a large part of it was still under wraps. Its team employed a brilliant concept to induce curiosity and engage the relevant audience in the industry. The first-ever update that the Solidus team shared was regarding different ways one could get involved in blockchain.

After making its first impact, it became clear that Solidus AI Tech is working on building a truly investment-worthy project. By clearly putting itself out there for the big tech firms and individual investors in the market, Solidus quickly became a bit famous. But what increased people’s curiosity around it was its brand new offering shared below, which hadn’t ever been heard before:

Data centers

Solidus AI Tech has cleared investors’ conceptions regarding data centers and how they can be a great investment. As an innovator that is building data centers and decentralized cloud systems, Solidus AI Tech is empowering the shift from centralization to decentralization. For this reason, Solidus AI plays a key role in implementing blockchain technology in the public sector. As a result, people would be free to use and pay for certain AI services.

Cloud computing services

When it comes to cloud computing or any sort of hosted services available on the internet, Solidus AI has developed a model to make the adoption of AI in industries easier. Here’s an overview:


Getting involved in this service is the easiest because it has been in the industry for years now. Whether it is B2C SaaS or any other SaaS, it has enabled a quick shift to decentralization. A company like Solidus AI Tech is attracting companies and investors to dip their hands into the fast-paced blockchain industry. By making new advancements through the collaboration of digital and AI technologies, Solidus is becoming a leader in its own right.


This is a well-known business model nowadays, where a provider takes care of delivering some hardware or software tools for app development. But what’s different in this case is that the solution is hosted on the said provider’s infrastructure. Owing to this model, a lot of users no longer need to install and use in-house hardware or software to do something that would literally take a few minutes.


This one is directly connected with Solidus AI Tech’s offerings because this project has built a model where it delivers virtual computing services. Through this, Solidus can provide advantages like simplifying the workload for organizations in a way that’s easy and quick. The aim of providing IaaS is to optimize business processes and help streamline them efficiently.

First impressions of Solidus AI Tech

In the early stages, Solidus AI Tech chose to grow through strategic collaborations around the world in its industry. Solidus Technologies founder Paul Farhi picked Cyber Smart Defense, a cyber-security company, to ensure the security aspect of his project. After this came a barrage of impressive partnerships with some of the leading companies in various aspects of the blockchain and crypto industry, such as:

  • Crowdcreate is a leading crypto marketing company.
  • Sinofy Group is a China-based company that helps grow tech companies footprints in the Asian market.
  • CertiK is a well-known blockchain auditor and security enhancer in the crypto marketing industry.
  • Simon Cocking is the senior editor of Irish Tech News and the former chief editor at CryptoCommonwealth.
  • UltimVR: experts in 3D and VR working on developing and deploying Solidus AI Tech Metaverse and NFT Marketplace
  • MetaGamz is a pioneering company that has created the world’s first metaverse dedicated to 3D and VR games.
  • Karmaverse: a metaverse-based gaming world that is a mix of GameFi and SocialFi
  • Born to Die is a remarkable AI-powered P2E game in the 3D metaverse.
  • Gameboy is a high-end and innovative platform developed by Monster Labs as an aggregator.
  • Samurai: an impressive metaverse and game world produced by Samurai Games
  • Decubate is a prominent startup incubator that focuses on emerging technologies.
  • ChainGPT is a state-of-the-art language model containing an incubator platform.
  • HyperGPT is a prominent and cutting-edge GPT-3.5 language model.

Security factor in Solidus

Blockchain enthusiasts and investors steer clear of any shady project that doesn’t have security, socials, and partners. This is why Solidus AI Tech has been able to gain a meteoric rise because it has all three. Let us take its security aspect into consideration and check out how it became pre-approved and a leading innovative blockchain project perfect for investment in a short time.

It all began when Solidus AI Tech partnered with CertiK, which is a reputable company and blockchain auditor. But Solidus did not just end up completing its KYC and other security checks with CertiK; it went on to receive six different badges. At first, Solidus received a full verification status from the blockchain security overseer, and then its audit check was done successfully.

After passing every single step of the KYC process prepared by CertiK, Solidus achieved the gold KYC badge for it. Later on, two more badges rushed to its side and allowed it to be featured as a top project on the CertiK security leaderboard. The CertiK Skynet and ERC-20 formal verifications have also been handed down to Solidus, which is why it was among the top 10% of watchlisted projects. Ever since then, Solidus has been able to attract a number of high-profile investments from venture capitalists from time to time.

Major use case of Solidus AI Tech

Solidus is best known for providing four types of services once it formally launches in the market using its distributed systems and high-performance computational power. These four services are:

  1. Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)
  2. An artificial intelligence marketplace
  3. Artificial-Intelligence-as-a-Service (AIaaS)
  4. High-Performance Computing (HPC) power

Now, many new investors and potential supporters get confused by how this project aims to solve computing problems singlehandedly. So let us put it into perspective by explaining what goes on behind the scenes with Solidus.

What makes Solidus AI Tech Great?

High-end computer resources are a specialty of Solidus AI Tech, including CPUs, HPC, RAM, HD space, and fast internet connections. Solidus AI Tech will be the only resource provider at first, but they are considering including additional users as resource providers based on safety regulations and stake ownership in the ecosystem.

Supercomputers are being used more often by businesses, governments, SMEs, and professionals to develop new products, speed up product development, and cut expenses.

They provide compatibility with their current systems through their IaaS service, which enables clients to rent virtual space in their data centers while configuring their configuration and rules through an administration interface.

Solidus AI Tech will offer a straightforward deployment procedure that streamlines the whole process of installing, maintaining, and managing servers.

Solidus AI Tech Solutions

In Bucharest, Europe, Solidus AI Tech has already finished constructing its data center and is prepared to start setting up its HPC infrastructure. After this phase is finished, it will be simpler for European businesses to access supercomputing capacity within the EU.

Let’s look at the solutions that Solidus AI Tech offers that are specific to the industry.

Cut down on HPC operating expenses.

Large-scale adoption of HPC services is hampered by the current high operating costs. Fortunately, Bucharest’s HPC data center for Solidus AI Tech has access to cheaper power and quicker internet than the national average. The project’s intellectual property also enables the gear to run 40% more efficiently than the industry standard.

Implementing data security

Cloud-based HPC applications need to send a lot of data. This may pose several security risks. Fortunately, the cyber security protocol used by Solidus AI Tech has military-grade encryption to safeguard user data. In the aforementioned, we’ve already shared how CertiK, a noteworthy security company, gave Solidus clearance.

Reducing performance problems

In order to satisfy everyday needs, HPC services rely on quick cloud technology, which is problematic in many regions of the world. As a result, Solidus AI Tech provides unmatched speeds by utilizing cloud-based HPC services, lower prices, and its own IP software.

Addressing the challenges of sustainability

When training AI models, a lot of energy is used, resulting in a significant increase in CO2 emissions. The most recent technology was used to build Solidus AI Tech’s HPC, which means it can help turn off the nodes or replace them to preserve energy. Installing just a few of them can have a drastic effect on organizations in the long run.

What about AITECH?

The AITECH coin may be used for staking and for accessing services, among other things. The token may be used to pay for services by professionals, SMEs, businesses, governments, and Metaverse/Play2Earn enterprises.

Here is a complete list:

Staking: In order to reward users with AITECH tokens and enable them to create passive revenue, Solidus AI Tech plans to introduce staking pools. When the platform is completely deployed, these tokens may be used to buy AI services.

Coin Burn: After the fundraising rounds are done, the Solidus team intends to burn any remaining AITECH tokens. Additionally, it will burn a portion of the tokens used by other customers to pay for its services once every three months. Over time, it seeks to cut the circulation supply in half.

Token lock-up: A smart contract will lock up the token assigned to the team and developers for a period of 36 months. Only a tiny portion of the tokens will be made available on the yearly anniversary of the launch date.

Solidus IDO Success

Solidus AI Tech has recently completed its first and highly successful initial DAO offering in partnership with four different platforms. The schedule was released a few weeks ago for the community via official social channels like Twitter and Telegram. When the IDO finally happened, it took Solidus only a few seconds to be tagged as sold out by different incubation platforms.

Here are all the reassuring stats you need to know about the IDO:

  1. Solidus IDO managed to raise over $140,000 from supporters on Enjinstarter.
  2. The total amount raised on ChainGPT was seen to cross above $160,000.
  3. The Decubate community was able to add another $120,000 to the total.
  4. Seedify was able to raise the highest amount, i.e., $290,000 in total, for the IDO.
  5. Trustswap saw $100,000 raised for the Solidus AI Tech IDO.

The next achievement for this project is an upcoming multiple listing on top-tier crypto exchanges on August 28.

Final verdict by industry experts

From the above information, it is clear that whether it’s a matter of performance or security, profitability or market demand, Solidus turns out to be a winner. This is the reason why it has seen the most glorious IDO results after a long time in the crypto industry. Blockchain experts believe that there is no doubt that Solidus will tend to grow, expand, and be a leading IaaS blockchain project soon after the listing goes live.

Being an active participant in the Blockchain world, I always look forward to engage with opportunities where I could share my love towards digital transformation.
The presented content may include the personal opinion of the author and is subject to market condition. Do your market research before investing in cryptocurrencies. The author or the publication does not hold any responsibility for your personal financial loss.

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