XRP Ranks as Most Traded Altcoin in August: Data

XRP recorded an impressive surge in the month of August where it emerged as the most traded altcoin by volume according to Kaiko data
By Godfrey Benjamin
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Recent data has shown that Ripple-associated digital currency XRP emerged as the most traded altcoin during the month of August, signifying its resurgence in the crypto market.

XRP Demonstrates Trading Volume Dominance

Kaiko, a reputable digital asset market data provider, gave the update on the X platform, highlighting that XRP exhibited astonishing trading strength despite a recent pullback. 


Kaiko noted that XRP’s average trading volume for the month of August was an impressive $462 million. This figure alone speaks volumes about the robust demand for XRP among traders and investors.

What truly sets XRP apart from its competitors is that its average trade volume was approximately four times higher than the next largest altcoin by trade volume. This significant gap indicates that XRP was in a league of its own when it came to trading activity.

The data from Kaiko underscores that, even in the face of market turbulence, XRP managed to maintain a level of relative strength that few other altcoins could match. This showcases the resiliency of XRP and its ability to hold up in a competitive crypto market.

XRP Growth Factors

One of the most significant factors that contributed to XRP’s resurgence was the ongoing legal developments surrounding the lawsuit between Ripple Labs and the US SEC. 

The company recently breathed a sigh of relief after Judge Analisa Torres determined that sales of XRP tokens to retailers do not qualify as securities, although sales to institutional investors do. This uncertainty being lifted has contributed to the renewed interest and investment in XRP, ultimately boosting its trading volume in August.

Additionally, Ripple Labs has continued to push for the adoption of its payment technology RippleNet and XRP as a bridge currency. Throughout its legal battle, the company has managed to secure partnerships with various financial institutions and payment providers, expanding the use cases for the digital currency.

For instance, Ripple’s partnership with the Global Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Symposium brought a renewed interest in XRP. Furthermore, Ripple’s ongoing efforts to facilitate cross-border payments have garnered attention, positioning XRP as a potential solution for the inefficiencies plaguing the traditional financial system.

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