10 Best Crypto Trading Bots (Reviewed)

Maximize your crypto trading potential with the best automated bots. Boost profitability, save time, and stay ahead in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.
By Martin Nganga coingape-authors
Updated September 7, 2023

Top 10 Best Crypto Trading Bot

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PionexRead More

16 Trading Bots Mobile App Global Automatic Trading Platform 0.05% Of Every Bot Trade None 4Visit Pionex

coinbase prime

CoinruleRead More

Templated Trading Strategies Backtesting Supports Popular Exchanges. Starter: Free Hobbyist: $29.99/Month Trader: $59.99/Month Pro: $449.99/Month The Starter Package Is Free 4Visit Coinrule


BitsgapRead More

Five Trading Bots Smart Orders Easy Trading Terminal Demo Account Basic: $23/Month Advanced: $55/Month Pro: $119/Month 7-Day Free Trial (Pro Package)
4Visit Bitsgap


EtoroRead More

Trade 20+ Cryptos Follow And Copy Experts Smart Portfolios Free Registration Various Fees For Trades And Withdrawals Demo Account 3Visit Etoro


Read More

Automatic Trading, Exchange Arbitrage, Market-Making Bot, Social Trading, Algorithm Intelligence, Copy Bot,
Trailing Stops, Paper Trading, Strategy Designer, Backtesting, Tournaments
Pioneer: Free Explorer: $19/Month Adventurer: $49/Month Hero: $99/Month 3-Day Free Trial (Explorer Package) 5Visit CryptoHopper

TradeSantaRead More

24/7 Trading Single Terminal For All Portfolios Mobile App Trading
Signals Copy Expert Traders Instant Bot Creation Professional Tools
Basic: $18/Month Advanced: $32/Month Maximum: $45/Month3-Day Free Trial (Maximum Package)5Visit TradeSanta


ZignalyRead More

Profit Sharing Copy Trading Crypto SignalsOnly Pay When You Make A ProfitNone 4Visit Zignaly

Marinade Finance

Shrimpy.IoRead More

View Portfolio History Automated Trading Strategy Optimization Comprehensive Analysis LibraryZero: Free Standard: $15/Month Plus: $39/MonthDemo Account 5Visit Shrimpy

Stader Labs

GunBotRead More

AI-Generated Custom Strategies Quick And Flexible Bots Easy Grid Trading
Assisted Manual Trading 20+ Preset Trading Strategies Unlimited Trading
Pairs Confirming Indicators AutoConfig Visual Targets
Single License Fee Standard: Ƀ 0.014 Pro: Ƀ 0.025 Ultimate: Ƀ 0.043-Day Free Trial 4Visit GunBot


3CommasRead More

16+ Major Exchanges, 100+ Deal Start Signals, Automated Terminal, System Status, Professional Trading Strategies
Orchestrate 1000+ Accounts, Single Portfolio, Mobile App, Demo Account
Free Account, Starter: $22/Month, Advanced: $37/Month, Pro: $74/Month3-Day Free Trial 4Visit 3Commas


With the advent of crypto coins and their investment opportunities, crypto trading has picked up significantly. With the volatility at which cryptos move, it gives a plethora of opportunities for investors to trade and make significant profits.

The speed at which cryptos move is rapid, and sometimes it becomes tough to manage these fast-moving trades manually.  Hence this has led to the invention of crypto trading bots– software that helps the trader execute their trades and strategies automatically and with precision, thus reducing the risk that the trader would face while executing the trades manually.

With the market size increasing and trading in cryptos becoming more and more common, a lot of trading bots have come up, and it’s difficult for one to identify the best from them. Hence here is the list of the top cryptocurrency trading bots that one can use in 2023


A crypto exchange with a feature of built-in crypto trading bots.

In the trading bot crypto scene, Pionex stands out because it offers free trading bots. You also don’t need any prior knowledge of crypto or automated trading to get started. Among Asia’s fastest-growing crypto platforms, it offers custom automated tactics for beginners and experienced traders alike.

The site’s 16 bots are so sophisticated that no client setup, programming, and coding knowledge are necessary. Pionex is also reputable and has shown continuous results. Other perks include low fees, high security, large-volume trading, support for over 40 cryptocurrencies, and no minimum deposit for the free trading bot.

Price: You pay 0.05% per order.
  • 16 Trading bots
  • A mobile app, and a global automatic trading platform.


This UK-based crypto trading bot platform was founded in 2018 and works mainly on templates of trading strategies and customized options for members. This site also has all the best crypto resources to follow to help you succeed in your crypto journey.

Apart from offering a holistic experience, you can also expect benefits like profitable auto trading, security, the trading bot being suitable for traders of all levels, free registration, and compatibility with big names in the crypto exchange world, including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and more.

Price: Starter – Free, Hobbyist – $29.99/month, Trader – $59.99/month, Pro – $449.99/month.


  • Templated trading strategies,
  • Backtesting, supports popular exchanges.


Bitsgap is fast gaining popularity among new and experienced traders because it brings together all the major components for successful crypto trading in one place. 

Some benefits include access to superb trading bots that can trade 24/7, easy portfolio management, and smart algorithmic orders. The site is also user-friendly, as you can set up productive, backtested DCA and GRID strategies in just a few minutes. Bitsgap also has tools that help control your risk/reward ratio.

Price: Basic – $23/month, Advanced – $55/month, and Pro – $119/month (7-Day free trial). You also get a demo account.
  • Five trading bots
  • Smart orders
  • Easy trading terminal.


Etoro is slightly different as it doesn’t have a bot trading program. You also cannot use trading bots on the platform. However, it’s still a good option if you’re looking for a crypto community to take yourself to the next level with the help of others.

Etoro allows members to copy crypto trades and trade insights from millions of investors–which can significantly shorten the learning curve for you. There’s also the option to follow crypto traders and see their profits, portfolios, profits, and other important information.

Price: Free registration but various fees for trades and withdrawals. You get a demo account.
  • Trade 20+ cryptos
  • Follow and copy experts,
  • A smart portfolio. 


Touted as the “world’s most customizable crypto trading bot,” CryptoHopper is known for working closely with exchanges and regulators to maintain their members’ trust. Accounts are also guarded by industry-leading security protocols, and no user data is shared without permission.

Besides offering a safe environment, you can also look forward to several benefits. The site’s automated crypto trading bot outperforms humans, allowing you to trade like a professional without actually being one. You can also leverage pro tools, connect to the world’s top exchanges, and win prizes during trading tournaments.

Price: Pioneer – Free, Explorer – $19/month (3-day free trial), Adventurer – $49/month, Hero – $99/month.
  • Automatic trading
  • Exchange arbitrage
  • Market-making bot
  • Social trading
  • Algorithm intelligence
  • Copy bot, trailing stops, paper trading,
  • strategy designer, backtesting, and tournaments.


With its motto, “Trade faster, Maximize results,” the platform promises to help you trade like a professional. TradeSanta’s ecosystem is based on a potent trading bot and algorithmic strategies. The bot never stops trading and constantly monitors the market for the best opportunities. The site also offers a free trading terminal to conveniently manage all your portfolios together.

Other great perks include trading bots   for bear and bull markets, bots for spot and futures trading, popular third-party signals, the ability to copy strategies from the most profitable traders, and risk management tools.

Price: Basic – $18/month, Advanced – $32/month, and Maximum – $45/month (3-Day free trial). You also get a demo account.
  • 24/7 Trading, single terminal for all portfolios.
  • Mobile app and trading signals
  • Copy expert traders, instant bot creation.
  • Professional tools.


Zignaly focuses on a different investment model, and that is profit sharing. Basically, you get the chance to invest money in a fund shared with an expert trader. This experienced individual manages the fund, and you get a proportionate piece of their profits.

The platform only endorses traders who can manage risk and also have good returns. This ensures that you are given the best partner and opportunities to grow as a crypto trader yourself.

Price: Only pay when you make a profit.



  • Profit sharing, copy trading,
  • Crypto signals.


Shrimpy is transforming the way people invest in crypto by allowing members to link their wallets and exchanges. The site has a strong focus on great user experience, which includes providing intense security to protect your privacy and assets.

You can completely automate a trading strategy, use analytics to track performance, and leverage customized features to analyze the market. You also have access to helpful strategies, data gleaned from years of research, and robust solutions that are always evolving to get you better results.

Price: Zero – Free, Standard – $15/month, and Plus – $39/month. You also get a demo account.


  • View portfolio history
  • Automated trading,
  • Strategy optimization,
  • Comprehensive analysis library.


Gunbot is a trading bot with no monthly subscription fee, just a one-time license fee. Gunbot is the best option if you want to speed up your crypto game, as it trades 24/7. It’s also one of the most private bots–it collects no data, doesn’t work in the cloud, and runs securely on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Other benefits you can look forward to include free software updates, great support, plug-and-play strategies, custom strategies, a powerful and user-friendly bot, and automated configuration changes. 

Price: A single license fee. Standard – Ƀ 0.014, Pro – Ƀ 0.025, and Ultimate – Ƀ 0.04. You get a free 3-day free trial.
  • AI-generated custom strategies, quick and flexible bots
  • Easy grid trading, assisted manual trading
  • 20+ preset trading strategies
  • unlimited trading pairs, confirming indicators
  • AutoConfig, and visual targets.


3Commas specializes in making a profit regardless of the current market conditions. The flexibility of their trading bots ensures you always have opportunities to profit despite the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, they offer specialist bots for bear, bull, and sideways markets.While 3Commas is a great choice if you’re looking for more stability in all markets, you can also enjoy other benefits. The platform is secure and allows automated trading, useful tools, ways to track performance, and the ability to copy presets from more experienced traders.

Price: Free account, Starter – $22/month, Advanced- $37/month, and Pro – $74/month. There’s also a 7-day free trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are crypto trading bots any good?

Yes, well-designed bots can trade 24/7, work more accurately than a person, and remove emotions from trading. This is useful for beginner traders who lack the time and knowledge to make profits in trading crypto.

2. How much does a trading robot cost on average?

Most bots are hired from trading platforms and cost between $15 and $200 per month. Other bots cost a percentage of your profits.

3. Are cryptocurrency bots legal?

Yes, crypto bots are legal to use.

4. Are crypto trading bots profitable?

While there’s no guarantee that every bot will strike it rich, there’s no reason why a well-configured bot cannot give you an edge in trading. But in general, the most profitable bots are handled by experienced traders.

5. How do crypto trading bots make money?

Trading bots look for the best crypto price; they buy low and sell high to generate profit. They gather market data to create buy or sell signals before using the risk allocation function to decide how much to buy or sell.

6. How much money can a person make using a crypto trading bot?

Every trader is different. Some people will lose money or break even. Others will make an average of $2,000 or $3,000, while experts with big budgets can make a small fortune.

7. Which is the best trading robot?

The best trading robot is less a brand name than a set of features. The best will be intuitive, self-learning, quick, flexible, and well-configured for profitable behavior.

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